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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Free Video Converter Software

Let's say that there's this video that you'd like to be able to play on a certain device, mobile phone, TV, DVD, mp3, media player, etc....  But let's also say that the device doesn't particularly like your video, and refuses to recognize it or play it.  To make it even harder, let's also say that your video may be many GB 's in filesize, and that you really wish it could be smaller so that it would fit within the memory for your particular device.  Just what can you done?  Well, just about anything you want.

What would help you is some good "video conversion software".  As for video editors, there have been some very good recent freeware releases that will fit most peoples requirements.  And even though free, they are each excellent quality, easy to use, yet very powerful.  

Freemake Video Converter
Freemake is a new breed of "All-in-One" video processing programs.  And as the word infers, it is totally freeware, no trial periods, no watermarks, nothing.  It's no-kidding freeware.  But because of its gaining popularity, I'm sure that one day this program will include some means of monetization for its makers.  But for now, I'm very happy with it and use it quite frequently.

Freemake, the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of video processors.  Freemake is the easiest program that I've seen to convert all those short video clips from your digital camera into a final production that you can view on your DVD, BluRay, or just about any other device that can play videos, no matter the format.  FreeMake can convert your videos into just about all the main video formats used by smartphones, tablet, and even many game and mp3 players.
Capabilities include:

* DVD Ripper/Converter - for converting DVD's to other formats, such as viewing on mobile devices.  Or just making backups of your DVD's (let your conscience guide you where you can go with that).

* DVD and Blu-Ray burner capability - for viewing your videos on BR and DVD players.

* Video downloader and uploader -  for downloading/saving your favorite videos from YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Dailymotion, + many many other websites.  With its built in video uploader, it also makes it very easy to upload your own videos to YouTube (the uploader only supports YouTube at this time).

* Basic Video Editor - for clipping, splicing, joining.  Also can modify each of you video clips audio level individually from the editor.  Only 2 transitions available, none or Fade transition.  But really these are all you need.  Nothing emphasizes a lame video more than tumbling, swirling, transitions.

* Video Converter with customizable video resizing, bitrate and audio modification.  Also included is subtitle support, so that you can view your movies with their subtitles on your various devices.

* Device video presets, or you can set and save custom video presets for your particular device.

* Photo slideshow maker with user inputted audio (You can load up any audio that you please.  Some other free video makers may force you to only use their preset music).

* Audio converter and extractor - Save the music or audio track from any video (yes including YouTube) as an mp3 file.  If you desire, you can modify the sample and bitrate for your saved file.

The following video was actually created and uploaded with Freemake.  It goes over each of the above abilities in more detail so that you can see for yourself, and judge whether this program might be for you.  The program also requires Microsoft's .NET Framework 4.0 to run.  Usually this is installed on most newer PC's.  But if Freemake doesn't run on your computer, you likely need to also install NET Framework.  It's very easy to do, and you can install .NET FW 4.0 for free directly from Microsoft at this download link (Download .NET FW 4.0 here)  

And here is an overview of Freemake, followed by a tutorial.  Note that the Freemake downloader will suggest installing additional bundled software along with Freemake.  This is why Freemake is free.  Carefully read those installation screens and make sure to uncheck any software that doesn't interest you (probably all).  In other words, don't just hit Next, Next, Next, or you might install additional programs that you did not want:

Read each screen when installing Freemake

Freemake Overview (Download Freemake Here)

Freemake YouTube HD Video Editing Tutorial

VSDC Free Video Converter
Another relatively new release!  VSDC is an "All-in-One" video processing programs.  It is also totally 100% freeware.  Has most of the capabilities of Freemake, but has some additional conversions that Freemake does not currently have (such as Real Media RM conversion).  It also does not require MS NET Framework, and runs just fine on most PC's.  Recommend that you try both Freemake and VSDC to see which best suits you.  Can't go wrong as both are free.  

But note that the VSDC downloader will suggest installing additional bundled software along with VSDC.  This is why VSDC is free. Carefully read those installation screens and make sure to uncheck or decline any software that doesn't interest you (probably all). 

VSDC Free Video Converter (download VSDC Converter from VSDC Here, or from Softpedia here)


  1. Please comment on your experience or needs for video editing. I use such input for future blog posts. Also use the comments to contact me, as I read each and every comment. If I don't reply, that means I don't know the answer to your particular question, and hopefully one of the other readers can answer it.

  2. Great converter! Love that it doesn't leave watermark!

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    1. Jon, thanks but the link in the article is working now. I like to use links that point directly to the vendor when possible to ensure the latest software version is installed.

  4. Thanks for sharing! I would like to convert another fantastic Aunsoft TransMXF Pro for Mac

  5. With Freemake video converter:
    When I use the editor to edit-down the length of a long video clip, I can see the new length of the video in the file description in the main converter window. But I can't find any way to save the file AS IS, without having to do a conversion. Even choosing a conversion with the same resolution and format as the original, it is not possible to exactly set the bitrate to match the original, and a near real time conversion results. Is there no way to simply save the file as identified in the main converer window without having to go through a conversion process?

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Please comment on your experience or needs for video editing. I use such input for future blog posts. Also use the comments to contact me, as I read each and every comment. If I don't reply, that means I don't know the answer to your particular question, and hopefully one of the other readers can answer it.