Just about all of today's digital cameras are capable of recording video. Most are also capable of taking very good quality HD video. But a similar problem arises for most people in that it's not easy to view those video clips. Many would like to combine them to single playable videos, but don't know how. Similarly many others would like to create their own YouTube videos, but also don't fully understand where to start. This site's tutorials are intended to help those people. ONLY FREE SOFTWARE are used in these tutorials. That way, the average person can get started and try what they've learned immediately.


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Friday, November 9, 2012

Free Photo Slideshow Software

So you have a ton of photos that you took from your last vacation.   Now you would like to share those photos with your friends, maybe with a nice music background.  It might also be nice to easily share those pictures with your friends using YouTube or Facebook.  But maybe you're new to video editing, and are not quite sure where to start.  Well this article should be able to help you.

The following video is an example slideshow of Bonita Meadow in the Sequoia National Forest, CA.  The second video below is a tutorial showing the steps that created this slideshow.

Example Slideshow
Click "Full Screen" in lower right corner.

It's actually quite easy to make slideshows.  There are many freeware programs out there that are fully capable of doing such.   But my favorite of the bunch (for making slideshows) is Freemake.  I like Freemake for this purpose because it's one of the easiest to use, yet it allows you to edit many things that other slideshow makers can't, or worse yet, won't let you.  

This includes music.  You can use and upload any musical background that you want.   Unlike some other free editors, you may also be able to monetize your videos on YouTube if you use royalty free music, or music freely licensed for commercial use (my favorite site for downloading such is http://dig.ccmixter.org/).  Just remember to follow the licensing restrictions, and especially remember to give proper credit as specified in the license.

Note that the Freemake downloader will suggest installing additional bundled software along with Freemake.  This is why Freemake is free.  Carefully read those installation screens and make sure to uncheck any software that doesn't interest you (probably all).  In other words, don't just hit Next, Next, Next, or you might install additional programs that you did not want.

Read each screen when installing Freemake

Photo Slideshow Tutorial (Download Freemake Here)
This video is in HD.  Click "Full Screen" in lower right corner.

Freemake does require Microsoft's .NET FW 4.0 to run properly.  This is automatically installed on most newer computers   But if not, you can download it for free directly from Microsoft.  (Download .NET FW 4.0 from Microsoft Here).