Just about all of today's digital cameras are capable of recording video. Most are also capable of taking very good quality HD video. But a similar problem arises for most people in that it's not easy to view those video clips. Many would like to combine them to single playable videos, but don't know how. Similarly many others would like to create their own YouTube videos, but also don't fully understand where to start. This site's tutorials are intended to help those people. ONLY FREE SOFTWARE are used in these tutorials. That way, the average person can get started and try what they've learned immediately.


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Saturday, January 26, 2013

Video Special Effects - Part 1

This tutorial shows how to incorporate a variety of special effects into your video project.  Free chroma-key special effects were all downloaded from YouTube using the Freemake Video Converter program.  VSDC Free Video Editor was used to combine those effects into the following video:

Note that VSDC downloader will suggest installing additional bundled software along with VSDC.  This is why VSDC is free. Carefully read those installation screens and make sure to uncheck or decline any software that doesn't interest you (probably all). 
(VSDC download link click here). 

Before proceeding, it is first recommended that you view both of the following YouTube VSDC tutorials.  Please ensure that YouTube annotations are turned on (it's the first of those little buttons in the lower right-side of the YouTube screen).

Basic Video Editing with VSDC

Chroma Key Editing with VSDC

OK, now that you know the basics of VSDC, lets proceed.   The following illustration shows the timeline of the VSDC project file that was used to produce this video.  Click on the picture to expand it for better viewing.

As seen on the VSDC timeline, there are seven different video clips used in this project.  One is the baseline clip of night scenery (Video 1), five are various chroma-key overlay effects of UFOs, lightning, and aliens (Videos 2-6), and one is an overlay of the video static ending (Video 7).  Additionally, there are three sound effects (UFO fly-by swish, and two electrical discharge sound effects), and one title text object. 

Article continued in Video Special Effects - Part 2.