Just about all of today's digital cameras are capable of recording video. Most are also capable of taking very good quality HD video. But a similar problem arises for most people in that it's not easy to view those video clips. Many would like to combine them to single playable videos, but don't know how. Similarly many others would like to create their own YouTube videos, but also don't fully understand where to start. This site's tutorials are intended to help those people. ONLY FREE SOFTWARE are used in these tutorials. That way, the average person can get started and try what they've learned immediately.


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Monday, December 31, 2012

Why is this Software Free?

The question often comes up as to the reason why a company would offer their software free of charge?  This can create suspicion that the software might be malware in disguise.   The software featured on this blog is all malware free.  But the vendor's are being reimbursed (or will be reimbursed) through other means.

For example, FileLab Video Editor is utilized free of charge by the users.   Why?   Because FileLab is sponsored and receives reimbursement from Facebook, Google, and Yahoo.  To use FileLab, the user must login to one of these services.   In this manner, users are encouraged to sign-up for any of these services if they don't already belong.  Thus FileLab brings in new members to these services.

Freemake video converter/editor is also offered free of charge. Although it is excellent software for what it does, there is a reason why it's free.   Freemake utilizes what I like to call the "CNET-style installer" (oh CNET, how you have fallen).  When installing their software, they use a special installation program. The installer uses the fact that most people just blindly hit Next, Next, Next, without reading the notices of the installer.  This installer offers additional bundled (sponsored) software during installation.  Unfortunately, most of these offers must be unchecked (opted-out) during installation otherwise they may automatically be installed, and Freemake will be paid.   Although I really feel that Freemake is excellent software and highly worth trying, please use extra care during installation, and read/uncheck those boxes.

Read each screen when installing freeware

VSDC video editor and converting programs are also offered free of charge. (UPDATE: March 10 ,2013.  With the latest 1.2.3 release of VSDC, it appears that VSDC also is utilizing a software bundler installer similar to Freemake. Please use extra care during installation of VSDC, unchecking and declining any and all offers of additional software.  Again both Freemake and VSDC are excellent software, and could both easily make money as payware if their vendors decided to do such.  Wished they didn't to use bundler installers, but I guess they need to make money somehow.)