Just about all of today's digital cameras are capable of recording video. Most are also capable of taking very good quality HD video. But a similar problem arises for most people in that it's not easy to view those video clips. Many would like to combine them to single playable videos, but don't know how. Similarly many others would like to create their own YouTube videos, but also don't fully understand where to start. This site's tutorials are intended to help those people. ONLY FREE SOFTWARE are used in these tutorials. That way, the average person can get started and try what they've learned immediately.


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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Look What I Did !

Would like to start a series of article posts showcasing your videos that you the readers have created.  If you have uploaded a video to YouTube that you're particularly proud of, and that you would like others here to see, then please leave a comment below.  

Please include in your comment a YouTube link to your video. Please also provide some amplifying info on your video such as software used (must be freeware), editing techniqe used, blog tutorial that helped (if applicable), effects or music credits (also if applicable), and any other additional info that you might want to include in your listing.   

Please remember to keep your submissions tasteful.  When time permits I'll include your video within an article.  I'll start with the following:

What You Can Do... by: t00nz843z  
Software: VSDC Free Video Editor  
Effects Credits: Various,   Sound Credits: "Art Now" by Alex 
Technique: Chroma Keying   Tutorials Used:  12

Meadow Donuts by: t00nz843z  
Software: VSDC Free Video Editor  
Effects Credits: ProGreenScreen,   Sound Credits: Wayne R 
Technique: Chroma Keying   Tutorials Used:  1, 2


  1. Please post your own videos here, along with any background information that you can provide. If in good taste, I will upgrade them to include them above within the article.


Please comment on your experience or needs for video editing. I use such input for future blog posts. Also use the comments to contact me, as I read each and every comment. If I don't reply, that means I don't know the answer to your particular question, and hopefully one of the other readers can answer it.